Creamy Crab & Mushroom Lasagna
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Instagram post 2192997185952705964_2309720623 Looking for weekend plans? Throw a pizza party! Who’s putting Crab Classic on their 🍕?
Instagram post 2190839811666323624_2309720623 Roll into the holidays with Gluten-Free Lobster Classic Fresh Rolls. It’s guaranteed to up your entertaining cred 😉
Instagram post 2187176790615969369_2309720623 Wishing everyone a crab-ulous Thanksgiving! May your tables (and stomachs) be full of Crab Classic 😉
Instagram post 2185897502084419405_2309720623 The tables all set and the countdown is seriously on. Who’s serving Crab Classic at their Thanksgiving dinner? #SaveATurkey #EatCrabClassic 😉 🍗 🍂
Instagram post 2182993396462232067_2309720623 Shake up your weekend brunch routine with Crab Classic Shakshuka! PRO TIP: add hot pepper flakes to spice this one up. Recipe link in bio. 🍳
Instagram post 2176376063106975531_2309720623 Missing summer? Us too. 😭  Whoever said you can’t eat lobster rolls for lunch in November has clearly never tried Lobster Classic 😉
Instagram post 2172150721324269842_2309720623 Healthy weeknight dinner alert! 🚨 Did you know that Crab Classic is gluten-free, fat-free, low-cholesterol and an awesome source of Omega-3? 🥗
Instagram post 2171442598364156041_2309720623 Tonight’s dinner inspiration is waiting for you at the link in bio. WARNING: you won’t have mush-room for dessert! 😉
Instagram post 2161163534118176415_2309720623 Making an epic snack like Lobster Avo Toast has never been easier. Get all of the ingredients courtesy of @amazonfresh without leaving the house by clicking the 🔗 in bio. 🛒
Instagram post 2160378245133137911_2309720623 Gluten-Free? We’ve got four words for you: Crab. Classic. Sushi. Burritos.
Instagram post 2159716092868927931_2309720623 Brisk weather calls for bisque! A cozy bowl of Crab Classic Bisque is exactly what you need to have a soup-er #SeafoodBisqueDay 😋
Instagram post 2153415068084351374_2309720623 A jumbo pot of homemade Crab Classic gumbo for #NationalGumboDay? Yes please. 🦀
Instagram post 2151028366233634841_2309720623 It’s officially soup season! If you need us we’ll be right here, eating Crab Classic Lasagna Soup. 🍁
Instagram post 2147360653611326241_2309720623 This #NationalPastaMonth we’re exploring all of the pastabilities. What dish are you making with these ingredients? 🍝
Instagram post 2145156427900483815_2309720623 Dipping into #NationalSeafoodMonth with our Crab Classic Leg Style! Did you know our seafood is totally sustainable? Learn more at the link in bio.
Instagram post 2140866553235943808_2309720623 We know this Creamy Lobster Classic Pasta Bake technically serves 8 but we’ll leave it’s up to you to share. #NationalLobsterDay 🦞 🧀 Recipe link in bio.
Instagram post 2137217745918727663_2309720623 Millennials everywhere, behold: fancy crab-ocado toast 😂 🥑 👏
Instagram post 2130737117153077922_2309720623 Crab fried rice. Chopsticks optional.  #NationalRiceMonth 🍚
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