Trans-Ocean California Roll Bites
Instagram post 2116916263088622024_2309720623 Make this after-school snack and your little ones will sea how fun going back-to-school can be! 🦀
Instagram post 2114723658577979283_2309720623 Get all wrapped up in #NationalBaconLoversDay with bacon-wrapped Crab Classic bites! 🥓
Instagram post 2114695300670360235_2309720623 It’s National Fajita Day! Who’s making Crab Classic Fajitas? 🥑 🌶️ 🌯
Instagram post 2111991070299666097_2309720623 We hate to whine, but it’s been a long week. Take your wine time to the next level with Crab Classic Hummus! 🍷
Instagram post 2108216931913253235_2309720623 Seriously, who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Celebrate #NationalPaniniDay with a fresh pressed sandy starring Crab Classic, Cheese + Pesto. 🥪
Instagram post 2103897922833107654_2309720623 One bite of this Green Bean + Crab Classic Stir Fry and you’ll be wondering where it’s bean all your life! 🥢
Instagram post 2099492125223147113_2309720623 New to Crab Classic? Meet the fam! 🦀 The whole gang is gluten-free, fat-free and a source of Omega-3, so what are you waiting for? Get snackin’
Instagram post 2096640462803983882_2309720623 All hail Caesar! 🙌 😂  Keep your salad game strong by topping your Caesar salad with Crab Classic for that extra protein boost. 🥗
Instagram post 2094398716149824865_2309720623 Orange you glad it’s summer entertaining season? 😂 Keep things light with this Crab Classic topped Citrus Salad. It’ll be an instant classic! 😉 🍊
Instagram post 2093640988909450238_2309720623 We’ll be right here with a frozen drink and Crab Classic. All. Summer. Long. 🍹 🦀 ☀️
Instagram post 2090927732491195225_2309720623 Hosting a summer BBQ? Make it a cakewalk by throwing homemade Crab Classic Crab Cakes on the grill! 🔥 Recipe link in bio.
Instagram post 2088108015837721173_2309720623 Psst. It’s #AmazonPrimeDay! We just spoke with your boss and you’re allowed to Prime while you work… as long as you’re buying Crab Classic 😂 🦀
Instagram post 2085058845723850920_2309720623 It’s not a pizza party without Crab Classic! 🍕 Summertime entertaining hack: cook those pizzas on the BBQ to really get the party started! 🔥
Instagram post 2077821705889711224_2309720623 Crab Classic served in a pineapple? Now that’s a party we want to be invited to! 🍍🎉
Instagram post 2076368736864774466_2309720623 With zero grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 100 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, our Seafood Snackers are the perfect summertime snack both you and your kids will love! 💙 ☀️ 🦀
Instagram post 2071294320868082287_2309720623 No matter where your summer adventures take you, Seafood Snackers is the perfect snack to bring along! #SummerSolstice ☀️
Instagram post 2067707907983839488_2309720623 Happy #FathersDay to all of the amazing dads out there! We hope your day rocks! ☕
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